Learn how to deal with hair loss with your head held high!


  1. Shave everything off

The first step to dealing with thinning hair is to acknowledge the existence of the problem. If you ignore it, you won’t be able to find effective solutions. The best barbers NYC recommend shaving off the remains of your hair off and working with what you have.

  1. Comb-over is not an option

I will never understand guys trying to pretend like the problem doesn’t exist. Comb-over is the worst way to deal with hair loss for a number of reasons. Firstly, it doesn’t make you look flattering; secondly, it doesn’t let you move on. Just go bald gracefully instead of trying to save those few hairs.

  1. Protect your scalp

The best barbers NYC underline the importance of scalp protection when you start shaving your head. Since there is no hair to protect your scalp in the sun, it’s essential to shield it from harmful UV rays. Firstly, become best friends with sunscreen; secondly, start wearing hats during summer!

  1. Balance with facial hair

You shouldn’t abstain from a desire to have full and thick hair, so you can grow facial hair! Beard is a great way to change your appearance; moreover, it looks good on everybody. Be committed to your goal and very soon you will have an awesome beard!

  1. Don’t waste your money

Unfortunately, there is no magical cure being able to treat hair loss; for this reason, you shouldn’t waste your money on different shampoos, lotions, and products. You have to face this challenge with your head held high and deal with it gracefully!

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