Yoga in Panties by Poonam Pandey


Poonam Pandey the Twitter sensation who revealed that her first Valentine’s Day gift was red panties & bra that were too small to fit her,this time on Twitter she posted a picture that is taken from behind, shows that she is doing yoga in panties only.It is text too “Every morning few minutes of Yoga….Secret Of Sexiness”


Poonam Pandey, the young model turned actor has been tweeting regularly & has achieved celeb status thanks to her timely, witty and outrageous tweets. Poonam Pandey finds it mentally liberating to give vent to her feelings through Twitter.She often post raunchy pictures as on Valentine she was seen wearing a golden teeny bikini that reveals lot than hid.

Poonam Pandey’s Unique Publicity Ideas, Do you know Shama Sikander

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